Julia Child, Mapmaker

About 15 years ago Julia Child made a book signing appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio. A local journalist was curious as to why so many people were standing in line “waiting for Julia Child’s autograph”

When I read this article I was struck by one woman’s response “She explains what we’re seeing”

How can someone explain what you are already plainly looking at. I mean its just a recipe. Follow the instructions. You’re done. What is it that you’re looking at that requires more explanation? What could possibly be so mysterious about cooking:-)

Of course, having never actually cooked anything or read a recipe I wasn’t in a position to judge.

For the culinarily curious, Julia Child is a friendly guide into and through the challenging world of cooking.

She’s a mapmaker, someone who guides people to new experiences in their cooking life.

She devoted her life to cooking and made her living “explaining it ” to others.

She explored the world of food, made a map and gave it to others

Most people don’t like to explore but if you give them a map they might travel to new places in their thinking

Julia made maps for cooks.

Whose mapmaker are you?

Jim Hancock
I'm Dying

Thats what you call a hook 🙂

But its true – we’re all dying – I just turned 70 which means Im closer to “actively” dying than many who are reading this.

Being 70 is my strategic advantage over those with 10 years to burn searching for the meaning of life:-) Ive found mine (sort of) which translated means I have 10 years to hustle to try turn my search for meaning into something real.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Im going to unfriend some people on Facebook.

Why? Because I don’t have time to supervise my Facebook friends. I will still maintain actual friendships with them in the real world but when they’re on Facebook they simply lack the curiosity I want to see, they aren’t as interested in “difference” as I am and they over react to other people- devolving sometimes into out and out name calling and abusive talk.

Which means, Im going to do some of my Facebook friends the favor of removing that option for them on my page. That way they wont have to say things in print they will later regret (how many times I’ve done that myself) and barring their urge to ask me to be a friend again (short answer is no not now) they will suffer no real humiliation or loss. It will be over in a cyber second.

You need to know that I consider my facebook page private property. Why anyone wanders into my space I have no idea but if you do you need to know this. I like people who are curious, ask great questions, are self deprecating, own their biases, admit what they don’t know faster than what they think they do know, are self disciplined, honest and did I mention – curious.

Last year about this time ( Thank you Trump) I unfriended 2300 out of 2500 Facebook friends. I got it down to 200 but due to the law of entropy somehow its grown past 300 again. I need to do some housecleaning.

Just wanted you to know.


Jim Hancock