Julia Child, Mapmaker

About 15 years ago Julia Child made a book signing appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio. A local journalist was curious as to why so many people were standing in line “waiting for Julia Child’s autograph”

When I read this article I was struck by one woman’s response “She explains what we’re seeing”

How can someone explain what you are already plainly looking at. I mean its just a recipe. Follow the instructions. You’re done. What is it that you’re looking at that requires more explanation? What could possibly be so mysterious about cooking:-)

Of course, having never actually cooked anything or read a recipe I wasn’t in a position to judge.

For the culinarily curious, Julia Child is a friendly guide into and through the challenging world of cooking.

She’s a mapmaker, someone who guides people to new experiences in their cooking life.

She devoted her life to cooking and made her living “explaining it ” to others.

She explored the world of food, made a map and gave it to others

Most people don’t like to explore but if you give them a map they might travel to new places in their thinking

Julia made maps for cooks.

Whose mapmaker are you?

Jim Hancock