Leadership Labs Description

We won’t waste your time.

Our goal is practical leadership skill development.

Which is why we’ve limited the content side and increased the focus on practice.

Each Lab runs for 3 weeks and begins and ends with a videoconference.

We present one new Lab each month from January – September.

…Continued from Jim Henderson Leadership Labs

Here are the requirements

  1. There is a four page reading assignment before the first videoconference. You don’t have to buy the book. We send you the short segment you need to read ahead of time.

  2. You join coaches and classmates for a live videoconference (45 mins.) where we focus on one pernicious leadership problem and offer a solution.  

  3. You put that solution into practice in the context your real life. This is where you’ll do some hard work but it will be in the context of your existing leadership responsibilities making it immediately applicable.

  4. Following that you will get back online and write about what you learned, what others said and what you still don’t understand. Your classmates and Lab coaches will engage with you and help you develop your thinking and practice.

  5. We conclude each 3-week Lab with an online debrief videoconference (30 mins.) where we highlight how specific leaders solved their problems and harvest how all of us can apply what we’ve just worked on.

A week later, we start the cycle again — think, practice, refine … and repeat.

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