The Three Practice Group


Have a family member, friend or business associate you passionately disagree with about politics?

 Are you on the verge of “breaking up”?

 Wonder if there’s a way to cross that difference divide?

Maybe like Mike and his daughter Lily

“The pizza they’ve ordered is half cheese and half meat-lovers, and that on its own says something about Lily Miller, a 17-year-old girl living in Waterloo, Iowa, and her 49-year-old father, Mike. She’s a vegetarian. He loves meat. She wanted Sen. Bernie Sanders to become the 45th president of the United States. He voted for Donald Trump. They can’t agree on anything — not a singular pizza topping, nor Lily’s political
future”  read more

Imagine being able to express your opinion to your family member, co worker or business associate without being judged or insulted?

Imagine hearing your ideological opponent (they’re not your enemy) ask you this question, “Tell me more…”

Welcome to The Three Practice Group... where opinions and curiosity meet and decide not to break up

Why? Aren’t we all trying to grow up before we grow old?

Invite your ideological opponent to The Three Practice Group nearest you

Want to learn more about The Three Practices?  WATCH Jim Henderson’s  TEDx talk (12min)

Jim Hancock