Why Trump Won’t Make it to the Election

I couldn’t believe it when I heard Bill Clinton had sex with an intern right inside the White House. I knew he was a womanizer but certainly after becoming President he would at least have the presence of mind to “get a room”. But no, Clinton was shameless in his abuse of power over a young woman and then he continued the cover up by lying on national TV “I never had sex with that woman” only to come back later and admit “well I guess I did”. Congress tried to impeach him but the economy was on his side and hey “who’s perfect anyway”.

Men with NPD love the risk of being one step ahead of the people they’re using. In fact they cant stop themselves from upping the ante – even if its right inside the White House. They’re on a constant search for a stronger dose- it centers them – makes them feel all is well – at least temporarily.

Trump is our newest national NPD devotee. There is no more doubt left to pick up. He’s losing those who are supposed to be his closest allies and taunting them like a school yard bully as they walk away from him. He finds it impossible to say the words “Im sorry” as if uttering them would make him the biggest loser in his own mind game. He cant even bring himself to utter the non apology apology perfected by another famous NPD practitioner named Driscoll “If what I said offended anyone I’m sorry” (translated- those who criticize me are full of shit so I wont apologize to them directly instead  I’ll blame them for being offended by my bigotry, misogyny and straight up meanness and package as if it was an apology) At least Driscoll got that one down. Trump cant even bring himself to play that game.

Mr Khan! You already know who Im talking about don’t you. He the unknown muslim lawyer with the hijab wearing silent wife who lost a son in one of our recent wars. The Khans are  “gold star” parents. Since most of us are not, we rarely hear about this distinction. Its a club no one wants to belong to. Mr Khan brought the gravitas, passion. equanimity. leadership, intelligence and dignity that Trump is completely, totally and utterly devoid of. Trump has spent his whole life desperately trying to be a “winner” in his own eyes. He has had no time to actually develop a character with any depth. And now his faux character is beginning to catch up with him. And like the Chinese sage said “character is fate” Mr Khan is America at its best. Standing in his shadow Trump is exposed for the shallow self focused person he actually is. It is powerful theater and Trump is going to get the hook soon.

Here is what I predict

  1. Trump quits – he clearly does not want to be The President of The United States of America-  He is too lazy to learn, to self focused to listen and too heartless to change (Dude is 70 – its over)
  2. Christians celebrate since for them Trump is clearly a placeholder. For them the ticket may as well read PENCE-trump. They know in their hearts (god may have even given one of them a prophecy already) that Trump won’t make it to the election because “God will not be mocked” – God will do something to make sure the real man of God is placed in the sacred office- oops I meant the secular office
  3. My timing is off and Trump does get elected (which is becoming an almost statistical impossibility but hey “With god all things are possible” I mean look at what Wayne Grudem said 🙂 In this scenario Trump makes it into office and then in the first 100 days he is impeached for – well… for being his narccissistic, delusional, “I alone can fix it” self – Now Christians really celebrate. They got their cake and get to eat it too. Pence steps up and Ryan becomes VP. Praise the Lord and lets head back to the 50s.
  4. Dobson, Graham and Robertson all admit that they actually knew this was what god wanted all along and anoint Pence gods man- No help needed now from Nebuchadnezzar.
  5. Either way Trump is gone quickly and he returns to reality TV to launch his new Trump network headed by Roger Ailes where millions of his followers can tune in everyday to hear him talk about how the USA is a bunch of losers.
Jim Hancock