Unbroken Unfaithful

I’m a fan of women. We need more women leading everything and everywhere. Men need to take a break from leading so much. Men have worn out their welcome and generally messed things up sufficiently enough to legitimize my suggestion.

Which explains my reluctance to criticize one of only two women in to achieve major league director status in Hollywood this year, Angelina Jolie.

I’m a WWII history junkie. To call me a student would not be too far off. Unbroken was a great read. I consumed the book. Angies movie version (IMHO) was derivative, predictable and typical. Nothing really special artistically or technically.

They don’t say it out loud but “Angie” is a poster child for social justice issues and revered by millions of millennial Christians as representing the “real thing” of what it means to follow Jesus in this broken world. You may not like knowing that but it’s true.

Here’s where she missed the boat.Here’s where Angie  was unfaithful with Unbroken. Here’s where she took the money and ditched the truth about Louis Zamperini.

“Zamp” got saved at the historic Billy Graham crusade in LA in 1949. That’s what turned Zamp around. It was his encounter with Jesus that enabled him to forgive his enemies. That’s what set him on a new path of openly proclaiming his love for Jesus up until his death earlier this year. And that’s the story Angie skipped telling.

Instead she pitched the safe, generic Orpah (whom I adore) version of spirituality.

Forget Boomer Christians, most of us are hard set, conservative and never met a celebrity non Christian we couldn’t find a way to minimize, dismiss or send to Hell regardless of how exemplary a life they lived. Forget us… were dying and about to disappear (finally many would say) from the world stage.

Millennials are open minded but still stuck on Jesus. Angie could have simply told the truth about Zamp (Billy G and all). It would have been an historic opening between Hollywood and Millennial Christians. People don’t like it when you call their Grandpa names even if they agree with you. People don’t like it when you ignore their history and ask them to pay $15 for the privilege or watching you do it. Even Millennials have brains.

In Unbroken, Angie (whom I respect) was artistically and spiritually unfaithful. She chickened out. She should have checked with her Baptist in laws before making the final cut.

Jim Hancock