Question Mark Book Launch Party



I’ve been part of a group who for the past ten years worked to remove a religious bully named Mark Driscoll from a position of influence in Seattle and beyond.

My new book written with Doug Murren, Question Mark – why the church welcomes bullies and how to stop it, recounts the process but more importantly clarifies the causes and offers solutions.

The book will be published as an ebook and available on all platforms soon


You can get a pre release copy by purchasing a ticket to the book release party on Feb 27th in Seattle. 

The tickets are only $10 and not only include the download of the book but also wine and appetizers, live jazz and an opportunity to hear from some of the people who led the process.

Jim Wellman Professor of American Religion at UW
Stephanie Drury – Religious satirist and creator of #fakedrsicoll
Rob Smith – Former Mars Hill Deacon and Provocateur
Rose Swetman – First pastor in Seattle to publicly call Driscoll out

Jim Hancock