A Millionaires March On Washington


James Murdoch one of the owners of hyper conservative Fox News just gave $1Million to the Anti Defamation League to protest Trumps equivocation around C’ville. Tim Cook the gay liberal CEO of Apple was inspired by Murdochs gesture and gave another million to the ADL for the same reason

Look, we don’t need a million people we need a few millionaires to descend on Washington ASAP.

And leading that group of elites ought to be the 5 living ex presidents and their wives.

These people have influence, money and access to a jet to get them there fast.

The 5 living ex presidents need to convene for a photo op on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Make sure that the cameras show Bush I being carried up in his wheel chair giving a thumbs up sign and his patented smile.

Obama with Michelle immediately to his left, should speak for the group. The four white guys and their wives should be arrayed behind them. (this is all about optics)

Distribution trumps ideas

Trump has a million mics and cameras trained on his every move and word.

These 5 ex presidents can get those same mics and cameras shifted to them if they will convene in one place for a few minutes.

Heres’ the speech they should give…

“Donald- you are the President but you don’t own The Presidency

The President is a role, The Presidency is an institution.

You don’t understand the difference which is why we were forced to show up today.

Donald, America is about more than you or any of us. Its about an ideal that we all strive for. We all failed in our attempts to do that as well.

But The Presidency survived our mistakes, We’re not confident it will survive yours

Which is why we were forced to show up today

When hundreds of young white men marched in C’ ville proclaiming “Jews Will Not Replace Us” and you remained silent – you crossed a line

When a young woman protesting these guys was run over and murdered by a Nazi and you said “there are good people on both sides” – you crossed a line.

The Presidency will not abide your silent assent.

Which is why we were forced to show up today”

Dear Ex President Millionaires – If you lead they will follow

Here are the names of your fellow millionaire friends who will stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with you, if you ask.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Paul Allen, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, The Murdochs, Jane Fonda, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts, The Koch Brothers, George Soros, Lily Tomlin, Mitch Mc Connell, Cheryl Stanberg, Meg Whitman, Susan Sarandon, Bradgelina :-), Russel Wilson, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Brady, Paul Ryan, George Clooney, Jay Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Steve Spielberg, Meryl Streep and… etc etc

You get the idea.

Celebrities love being wth other celebrities. Think of the killer photo ops.

Think about all the money you could raise for ISNA,ADL and the NAACP

Forget about getting a million people to DC. No need. They don’t have the power you do

Lets get a few of the right millionaires there and as they say the rest is history.

Jim Hancock