You’re Invisible

Creativity isn’t your problem.

Your problem is No one knows you’re there.

  • Decision makers won’t respond to your emails, calls or texts.
  • Agents won’t review your proposal.
  • Donor-investors won’t meet with you.

You don’t have the money to hire a PR firm or the will to “pimp” yourself.

You not sure how to sell yourself without selling your soul!

Here’s a secret your competition hopes you don’t figure out – [1]influence lives inside of relationships. The Map of Influence (tm) lets you see the untapped relationship riches right in front of you. The 3 Practices help you navigate your relational network without losing your friends. Think of it as Drivers Ed. for aspiring influencers.

I had the same problem.

[1] Fritjof Capra puts it more elegantly in his book titled The Web of Life [1]“reality is a network of relationships”


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