Why Jesus Favored Women (and we should too)

I wrote Resignation of Eve because I respect a lot of women and I noticed Jesus doing the same thing. It only made sense that as a disciple I should attempt to emulate his example and provide women unique visibility. Today, just as in Jesus time women’s voices and views are repressed and intentionally blocked by the power brokers (men).  Jesus apparently didn’t like this situation otherwise he wouldn’t have provided so many opportunities for their voices to be heard through the interactions he had with them as recorded in The Gospels.

Unfortunately, when it comes to women The Church has historically sided with the power brokers. One need look no further than the current kerfuffle taking place between the Pope and the Nuns to see this playing out in our own time.

What I discovered in doing research for Resignation of Eve is that the problem of repressing women is not unique to religion or bible readers. When the same kind of repression occurs in Hollywood and Politics you know that what’s actually happened is that the church has followed not in the footsteps of Jesus but instead is marching lockstep with their dreaded enemy – the world. The use of scripture to cover this issue over is a smokescreen to divert people away from the sin commonly known as controlling women. That’s why I will never again engage in biblical discussion about what Paul “actually meant” in his letters to Timothy. No one cares. Their minds are made up. It’s a power play, pure and simple.

I finally watched MissRepresentation. First I want to apologize to all the women who suggested I watch it six months ago (not one man made this request) for failing to honor you by watching it sooner. I’m sorry. It was beautifully done, articulate and entertaining.

Secondly I want to challenge pastors and leaders to watch this movie and show it to your men’s groups. In fact if I was a pastor or leading a denomination I would make this movie required viewing for every pastor and leader. It’s that good and that important.

When it comes to women we need to follow Jesus example, not Hollywood, not Politics and until they repent, not The Church.

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2 thoughts on “Why Jesus Favored Women (and we should too)

  1. Thank you Jim and to all who have not seen misrepresentation there is a showing in Seattle in October…..

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