What Does The Show Look Like?

We know it’s not a movie, a play or even your standard author reading, so what is it? This is the number one question we get asked. Because it is our first show we need people to be there to experience it so they can help us describe it to their friends. For starters I call it music for the eyes

Stories From The Shack is a live stage production featuring the kind of aerial artistry you’d expect to see at Spiderman, fabric manipulation normally associated with the Olympics, live music, sand artistry and world-class musical performances. It’s music for the eyes.

Just like words need paper and art needs a canvas, Stories From The Shack needs a live audience that brings their own shack stories. It’s the interplay between these stories that shapes, informs and colors Stories From The Shack into an experience that’s profoundly beautiful.

William Paul Young was born into a missionary family and spent his formative years in Papua New Guinea. For Paul the loss of innocence came far too early. It’s this loss and the confusion it ultimately wrought in his own life that propelled him to write The Shack.

The other 100,000 stories come from people who read The Shack.

A young man from Brazil sent this note, which while cryptic to the eye needs no translation for the heart.

“I am 28 years, i from brazil e don t speack engliss…sory, bus i want thankou very much for yours history…i m, gay ,aids, and today undersdod the love the jesus for me… i live your experience with you .God tuch me…i dont know speak more… kiss in your heart mac – thanks – thanks”

For millions of people The Shack has made it safe to talk even about the most sensitive of topics such as God!

“I have no belief in God and no sense of God’s love or presence. But I want to.
So much of what is in your book resonated deep in my soul. You painted a picture of love and acceptance that you labeled God. I crave the love and acceptance, but know not how to find it. I admire your insight into the needs we human beings have for connection, acceptance forgiveness and love. I suspect it will take a while for me to digest the meaning of your words, for me.”

One theatrically daring aspect of the show is the live conversations that take place between Paul Young and Jim Henderson. Instead of sitting down at a table they wander right into the middle of the show. It’s as if they’re taking a walk and suddenly find themselves inside a spectacle not unlike the types of scenes in The Wizard of Oz. These conversations provide the audience with a peek into the heart and mind of Paul Young. Where did The Shack originate? Is it true or is it fiction? Why is it controversial? How does it feel to have something like this happen? These conversations also invite the audience to eavesdrop and legally voyeur, something they never get at a movie or play

Young’s book has several scenes that leave readers feeling jarred. Stories From The Shack does the same taking on perhaps the most troublesome image of all – the abduction of Missy, Mack’s daughter at the lake. Let’s just say it’s a scene not to be missed. The tragedy unfolds and leaves the audience breathless but once again beauty reappears.

The mysterious star of the show is Papa, Paul Young’s African American Woman as God character. Papa makes random appearances sometimes simply taking a seat in the audience. She likes to hug so if you don’t, make sure and wear a button saying please do not hug me. Otherwise at Stories From The Shack you’re considered fair game for Papa. And it’s beautiful.

Stories From the Shack, May 8 – Seattle
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  1. If there is to be another ” Shack” meeting in the future I would be able to attend. This sounds like it is going to be awesome. I have read the book and listened to the audio version as well. Thank you.

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