What Did You Think? How Would You Describe It?

Tonight  we launched Stories From The Shack. Over 2000 people made it to downtown Seattle on a Sunday night and on Mothers Day. We needed to do this first show so we hear from people. Here are our questions

1. How would you answer the main question people ask – What is it?

2. What did you LOVE

3. What would you change

Please post your answers while they’re fresh and post photos and videos too.

It was a blast – thanks for all the love and support you gave us. It didn’t go unnoticed

18 thoughts on “What Did You Think? How Would You Describe It?

  1. To be honest I was slightly disappointed, I would have had less dance numbers and more stories. I love hearing the impact the Shack has had on peoples lives. Programs? Hard to remember all the wonderful people involved. Didn’t see anyone selling the book! All in all I had a great time. Thanks so much! xoxo

  2. I have on my critic hat:-)
    1. Not sure how to describe, maybe a confluence of the arts
    2. Paul Young, the dance scene where the little girl dies (most powerful moment in the show), Danny G and his female counterpart, the opening song with art in the background, Jim and Paul talking in the middle of the scene…the african american women doing the spoken word
    3. MC okay for audience warm up but not for the intro to the show, not sure about two of the musicians – the early woman on guitar and the older man on guitar – early dance scenes need more choreography to tell the story – the parts were good but needed something to bring the story together, and of course I would add “Sea of Tears” she would have been as good as any you had there:-)

    All in all for the pilot – it was great!

  3. This is exactly the kind of feedback we are seeking. Of course we want to know that the show “worked” but given that this is our maiden voyage this show is necessarily going to change and morph. So please tell us what you would change, add, or delete if you were in our position of being able to produce a show that is designed to take Jesus public

  4. First of all, so happy to see this show and see “The Shack” come to life.
    1) Stories from the Shack is a theatrical production telling the story of the novel and the stories of people’s lives influenced by the novel.
    2) I loved the dance, the aerial, the background music, the sand art, Paul Young’s narrative and story-telling. I also loved the effect of the huge list of people’s names on the screen. The story of Paul Young’s mother at the end was the best. I loved how inviting and relaxed Paul Young was on stage.
    3) I would have liked programs, showing the artist’s names on the screen, up close video of the stage on the screens to see better, more clarity and more defining time spent on the dance (I didn’t catch that the dancing was telling the story of the shack till the end when the little girl was dancing with the holy spirit). I think a more intimate venue would help set the audience up for the emotional impact of the show. The current venue felt too vast and open.
    I am excited to see how this show grows!

  5. Jim, Jim, Paul, Gary, cast, crew-

    Bravo! Very creative fun night. Your efforts were evident and I they will bear fruit.

    Without taking budget constraints into account, and simply speaking from “the realm of creativity and imagination” I’d offer up a few thoughts and Ideas- This is all broad stroke, most of which I’d have to elaborate on, but here are the bullet points-

    -More connection to The Shack. Yes, even more from everyone who speaks.
    -More “Stories FROM The Shack.
    -Band on floating stage to move to center stage for better viewing and effect when playing.
    -Maybe incorporated video clips from people who have stories using the powerful music and effect you had. Or audition a few to come and share their connection, their story, not Paul. Though I think it’s powerful for Paul to share how touched his heart is.
    -Gary Verrill your music and effects were AWESOME!

    I think you simply have a few housekeeping issues to correct and polish to apply, maybe a “bell” or “whistle” to add, and you’ve got something world class. Either way, you did a great job taking Jesus public!

    Easy to “arm chair QB”. You guys did amazing!
    Thanks for letting me play a small part. It was a gas!

  6. Jeff

    Great Great Great feedback- You’ll definitely see some of incorporated – Thanks

  7. It was very good show. You all did a great job and I would love to see this refined and taken on the road! I really enjoyed the variety of art, dance, poetry and story telling. The stories were very moving, most of the music was great. It felt like some parts weren’t practiced enough, hence people with paper to see words, etc. It would be much better for lines to be memorized. It felt like the venue was too big and it was confusing about which seats were ours. I think a smaller venue would be much better. Thanks for all the hard work and many blessings!

  8. I agree with much of the feedback given. When William was sharing letters and stories of other’s who had a spiritual experience either due to the story of ‘The Shack’ or reading ‘The Shack’. That is truly where the experience is! The scarf dancers and all the cirque du soleil production pieces, although beautiful to watch, were not worthy of getting more “stage time” then the sharing of the stories. Maybe incorporate the two elements. I think someone already mentioned interviewing the people behind the stories William shared. Maybe have them reading, in their own voices, their letters with maybe some powerful imagery playing on the screens. OR- if they were voice-overs to music while the dancers danced. These stories are the sharing of miracles and they touched me so deep, the tears just kept rolling down my cheeks. It was in these stories, I knew God was present.
    Loved the spoken word and I agree with Rose on the 2 performers that may need to be changed out? Loved the death dance- VERY powerful. Loved Missy playing in the end. Loved the male performer and his music video playing in the background.
    Would like to have been able to purchase the book and CD on-site for my friend who accompanied me.
    Would have liked to known who was this guy interviewing William Young? Maybe a little background on Jim and his unique story to tie the two authors, two Christians, two humans together.
    Camera Usage/Stage shots; close-ups, panning, sweeping, facial shots of dancers, etc.

    A few words that come to mind regarding feedback;
    1. Regarding the ‘interview’ technique- between Jim & William and then again between Jim & ProMark Founder- I would have liked it o feel more excited, involved, and overall, more natural. It was awkward with the slight movements on stage, as if moving in a heard. Very unnatural, a bit contrived, especially the ProMark piece- I felt like I had been invited to an infomercial viewing. ProMark has such a positive and powerful message; I would love to see something more involved and experiential to relay her message.
    3. What was I expecting? I would have liked to have felt comfortable, spiritual, a symbiotic experience. Wasn’t quite there for me. It needed to weave together a more tightly stitched tapestry between the love of Jesus, the profound story of ‘The Shack’, being a human being, and having this amazing experience.

    Overall- I am so happy I went. I did truly appreciate the few stories that were shared and I look forward to watching this production evolve. High Five Jim!
    Sophie (previously Sophie of IMIGRI Inc.)
    *Hope this was helpful.

  9. I loved the artist, watching him create beautfiul pictures from sand. I had a hard time following any kind of story that linked the dancing scenes together, i thought it would follow along the story line of the book more maybe it did but i just didn’t see it. I had a hard time hearing Danny Gokey when he was singing. The music over powered his wonderful voice. I too would have liked to have had the chance to purchase a book there. But having said all that i appreciated the dancing and singing very talented people. I very much enjoyed the stories that he shared and also hearing a little of his background too.

  10. Ok here it goes.
    I am not going to do the 1,2,3, I am going to give you what I got. I got a journey through a spiritual awakening. I loved the dance it was, for me, very easy to follow and I knew exactly what was going on. I loved the people who sang, because I saw their heart in the words and the music. I love Danny, because I felt everything he sang and it went to my very core with each word. I believe it may have been a little awkward trying to do the interviews, but it worked for me. I left feeling a new song in me, a new depth to my compassion and empathy for others. I was filled to an overflowing of love for my God after this performance. Was it a performance? Or was it another journey I went on, just like the journey the book took me on. My attention was kept the entire time.From The gentleman working his magic with the sand, creating life right before my eyes to the interviews and then to the closing. The giving, not just the performing of the dancers, but the giving I felt from them as they reached out and touch me through every scene. I was however disappointed to see that most of the people I saw in the audience were motionless and seemed untouched by something so freely filled with love and emotion and spirit filled. I believe, there are too many that look for perfection and this closes their hearts to the realty of life. We are not perfect and perfect would have been just another play or musical. The perfection in this was that God has his way.

  11. I bought these tickets myself – and let my family know that it was my Mother’s Day gift and we’d all be going together! We made a day of it and got to spend some relaxing time around town before taking in the show. We all three loved it! I have already commented on your fb page, as well as blogged about it (and tweeted, too!) Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. How would you answer the main question people ask – What is it?
    It is a Visual Feast… a creative artistic powerful experience!
    2. What did you LOVE
    What we LOVED the most was simply Paul! We love to hear him talk and share… but really – we loved all of it! Some of the transitions from one artistic expression to the next could be a bit more seamless but overall for the first show it went GREAT!
    3. What would you change
    Am I crazy? I could have SWORN in the promo’s that there were filmed portions – which led me to believe that these would be incorporated into the show as well!? I was SO LOOKING forward to seeing some of the book acted out! Of course – I am still holding out hope for a full length motion picture!?

    We’d love to hear/see more of the actual book incorporated into the show! Maybe reading or narrating during some of the interpretive dances… some were hard to follow while others were a bit easier to know what was going on!

    It seemed that there were actually quite a few members in the audience who had NOT read the book… While it seemed to really resonate and stir up in us the same emotions as the book did – I wonder how much of that is because we are already familiar with the story. I wonder if the audience members who had not yet read the book were able to follow along and get any kind of spiritual connection to Papa and the love and forgiveness offered at The Shack. I hope so… I know that is the heart and I know that simply sharing more testimonies of how it impacted others can paint that picture.

    Overall – it was such a blessing! I would definitely encourage others to go see this show… I am sure as you move forward, it will just get better and better!


  12. I was ready to leave in 15 minutes. I read the book well over a year ago.
    This of course was Mother’s Day and just happened to be my first Mother’s Day without our oldest son, who took his life 8 months ago.
    It was a surprise outing. I had no idea until I sat down what the evening performance was about. I froze.
    It totally back fired!! I emotional broke down in tears listening to the letters of pain and suicidal struggles of so many people trying to survive meaningless days and nights after losing a loved one. The shock wave of our tragic loss was too raw for me to begin to think anything other than I needed to leave….. I was in the dark midst of an emotional breakdown.
    I truly could not make the connection between the entertainment, the charitable causes, and the support of people who the book touched and helped pull them threw their own madness. Our family has a long journey towards healing. This was not for the newbies of tragic fresh losses.

  13. Kay

    All of us on team are sorry for your pain. I wish we could have somehow spared you from accidentally ending up at the show. May God be your comfort as you navigate this tragedy.

  14. I am so surprised as I read others posting about the story that the dancing told because I didn’t see any of that & at this point so wish I could turn back the clock & see it all again knowing the story was being told in the dance.
    I also was expecting some of the more valueable scene to be acted out….like Mack seeing through the waterfall or his time spent with Wisdom.
    As well I think 1 of the most important things would have been to open the evening or ending the performance in PRAYER.

  15. Kay,
    I am sorry for your loss.

    We can’t wait for San Diego. Congratulations. We are not surprised that it went so well.

  16. I was wondering why “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was sung twice? Seems odd.

  17. First of all I want to say how sorry I am for Kay and the loss for her and her familly. You will be in my prayers.

    I went to the show having no idea what to expect, and I left, feeling passionate for my human race.
    yes, there were things that could have been added like having the book or audio available, or having more stories from people who had read the book, or putting more of the storyline into the show, or ending the event with prayer. But honestly for me, I have to say, for a ‘maiden voyage’ experience, it strummed my heartstrings.

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