Tim Keller… Krish Kandiah has a question for you

Earlier this summer I came across an insightful blog post from Krish Kandiah, whom I consider to be one the most thoughtful young leaders in the church today.  Like many other young Christians, Krish is a fan of Tim Keller. He thinks of Tim as one of his spiritual “heroes”. Which is why he found this conversation between Keller, DA Carson and John Piper of The Gospel Coalition so disappointing.

What Krish is asking is why, in this conversation, Keller (who is a complementarian) fails to follow his own rules (which he also reiterated in private to Krish)- namely that the role of women in the church ought not to be a “biblical litmus test”. Krish (who is an egalitarian) found Kellers silence confusing and took to the keyboard to express that concern.

I think Krish and young leaders like him deserve a response from those they look up to so I gave Krish a call (Skype) and asked him to tell me more… Here’s the podcast (20 mins) of our conversation.


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