The size of Your Idea is more important than the size of your Church

My mission in life is to Take Jesus Public.

My current Take Jesus Public project is taking Paul Young public using a live event called Stories From The Shack. Paul Young has sold just north of 17 Million books yet Larry King never calls him to comment on life or current events. Im doing this because we Christians are absent from the public arena where the spiritual values conversation takes place. We have ceded that territory to Oprah, Chopra, Beck and Palin. We’ve done this because we’ve become brainwashed into believing that we’re in the religion business instead of the Jesus business.

But I digress

My friend Barry Crane who pastors Northsound Church in Edmonds Washington gets what it means to Take Jesus Public.Even though Northsound is a relatively small church they are making an unusually large splash . While this was not Barry’s intention it has nonetheless put him on the front page of today’s Seattle Times right next to pastor Ryan Meeks who leads one of the largest churches in Seattle area.

Apparently when it comes to getting a hearing, the size of your church doesn’t matter as much as the size of your idea.

Barry thinks like Jesus

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