The Sheep in Wolves Clothing Shall Lead Them

Just saw the documentary “I Am” by the guy who directed Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty. It’s about his transformation from being self centered to being otherly.
Made me wonder once again about how the church typically lags behind non believers when it comes to significant change.
Then I realized that Jesus thought the same thing. He used non believers like the Roman Centurion, the woman at the well and Zaccheus to “provoke” believers and “embarrass” them into action and repentance.
That is why I think you should see “I Am”. If his thesis is correct I predict that the same way the church has been late to the party regarding womens rights, gay rights and the environment we will ultimately realize the profound sinfulness of the fact that 1% of our citizens control 25% of the money. We will eventually cease deifying capitalism and demonizing socialism and become committed to taking care of those who are without and living with less ourselves.
The church will not lead this process, no we will once again follow the lead of those who say they don’t believe but act like they do. Sheep in wolves clothing. We won’t be at the front but Jesus said it’s ok to bring up the back as long as you’re in the parade.
I was just hoping for more when I signed up for this thing 43 years ago

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