The Ethics of Ira Glass

Ira Glass is America’s best storyteller. Over two million people listen to his show This American Life every week. But this weekend even more people listened as Ira issued a dramatic retraction of the most listened to podcast in the history TAL (849K downloads) that featured Mike Daisy who as it turns out lied about important details in his dramatic report about the manufacturing process of Apple products in China.

That retraction was featured in most major newspapers this week because of how quickly Glass moved to protect his name and his brand. I was impressed with Ira’s leadership and the humility he displayed in his rapid response to this attack on his integrity and the character of his show.

A few years ago I had the privilege of being interviewed by Ira on This American Life. After that conversation he agreed to appear on my show – Jim Henderson Presents.

This video app is the first of a series of in- depth interviews I’ll be doing with other thought, cultural and spiritual influencers.

In this interview you’ll discover fascinating details about Ira such as…Where did America’s favorite storyteller get his start? Who shaped his values and informed his journalistic sensibilities? Where does his insatiable curiosity come from? How does his sense of fairness influence his show’s production values? Who edits Ira?

Watch this delightful interview with Ira Glass. At times sober, then hysterical, this compelling 54-minute interview is conveniently formatted into thirteen different mini conversations covering a range of issues such as why he’s kind to those he disagrees with, how he became an Atheist, who the people are that changed his life, why he’s so intrigued with Christians and his suggestion that I start my own reality show. Watch a sample

The Ethics of Ira Glass – watch and learn as Americas Best Storyteller tells his own story to Jim Henderson  buy 


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  1. Very interesting to see that you too are intrigued by Ira Glass and This American Life. Was out of the US for almost 20 years as a “missionary” and when I came back I found very little that I identified with on “Christian” radio… and a lot I identified with on NPR. Great stuff…and great job!

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