Women ARE the Backbone of The Church, Here’s the Numbers

George Barna refers to as the backbone of the church. (p. xvi). According to Barna, between 1991 and 2011:

  1. Adult women attending church during any week has declined by 20%.
  2. Women attending Sunday School has plummeted by 29%.
  3. The percentage of women who are characterized as “unchurched” has risen by 94% during this period.
  4. More than a third of all women are now unconnected from the church.
  5. Most weekly church attenders are women (53%) – and they bring their families.
  6. Most church volunteers are women (57%).
  7. Women are the majority in terms of attendance of adult Sunday school programs (59%).
  8. 60% of those who attend small groups or Bible study are women.
  9. The typical Christian in America is a woman age 56-59 (a.k.a.  a dying breed)

I Have A Thing For Women

My next book is called The Resignation of Eve what if Adams Rib is No Longer Willing to Be The Church’s Backbone published by Tyndale and Barna Books. I’ve gotten even more excited about it’s chances at getting wider exposure since Lynne Hybels (yes that Hybels) just agreed to write the foreword. Here’s a sneak peek at what Lynne had to say “I am convinced that women are our greatest untapped resource—in local communities and in the church.  Unfortunately, I fear one of the unintended results of the debate about the role of women in the church is that some women fail to take themselves seriously. “

So I admit it, following in the footsteps of my master The Lord Jesus who went out of his way to honor, and open doors of influence for them I also have a thing for women. Smart, insightful, Jesus following women really get to me. Read the stories of these women in Resignation of Eve, online and in bookstores, February 2012.