Are You Ready for Save Me?

We’ve Got Sex. We’ve Got Politics. Where’s Religion?

Our culture is swimming in talk about sex and politics. Tabloids plaster news of sex scandals and celebrity hook ups. Cable TV has conveniently separated us into red and blue political groups. What’s fascinating is that neither sex nor politics hold as much sway in people’s day-to-day lives as religion and spirituality. With 92% of the world population claiming some kind of religious affilliation you’d think we’d hear more about this topic. But we don’t.

 Get Ready For Religious Reality TV

The fact that straight-talking faith-based programming is missing altogether on prime time tv ought to puzzle us. For years, popular entertainers like Oprah have shaped the spiritual imaginations of millions of people. (Conservative) grandmothers from Kansas call Ellen de Generes (an openly gay woman) and ask for advice with their kids? Politicians race to religious organizations for support during each election period? No one seems to be openly discussing these paradigm shifts. That is, not until now!

Jim Henderson Presents thinks that spirituality and religion should be thoughtfully and playfully explored just like race, money, politics and sex. But someone needs to provoke and guide this public conversation. It is not currently taking place in any venue or vehicle that is taken seriously by a broader audience.

Let’s change this.

Let’s introduce Religious Reality TV.

Let’s start with Save Me! 

Watch our video below to learn more about Save Me! or simply begin the application process.

My Biggest Project Ever, Stories From The Shack

Before I was a pastor I was a blues singer. While many of my Christian colleagues locate their cultural roots in the church, I grew up in clubs, concert halls and bars. Some of my closest friends grew up listening to preachers. I cut my creative teeth playing in bands that laid down a groove so wide you could drive a truck through it.

Like a prodigal son returning to the church I’ve decided to go home to my roots.

The problem with the ministry business is that relatively few non-Christians will give you the time of day. That’s why influential Christians like Bono, Carrie Underwood, The Jonas Brothers and even Justin Bieber don’t “minister” they entertain. They compete head to head with the best show business has to offer and they also happen to be followers of Jesus.

Since I spend the better part of my time helping people craft their story and expand their influence I decided to turn this hobby into a production company Jim Henderson Presents. My motive for starting this business is simple – Take Jesus Public. I want to do it using the standard entertainment vehicles like TV, music, social media, interviews as well as a new genre of entertainment I’m helping to develop that I’ll tell you more about.

Sociologist James Davison Hunter makes this observation “the most profound changes in culture can be seen first as they penetrate into the linguistic and mythic fabric of a social order” and the people who usually instigate linguistic and mythical shifts are not preachers or academics but entertainers and artists. Patrons and others drive the idea forward but musicians, poets and creative conceptualize the new paradigms. Hunter says it this way; “at every point of challenge and change we find a rich source of patronage… Often enough alongside these elites are artists, poets musicians and the like who symbolize, narrate and popularize this vision”

This is why I’ve decided to get back into show business. I want to influence the larger cultural conversation about spirituality that’s currently being shaped by entertainers such as Oprah, Chopra, Palin and Beck.

My first show is the most ambitious production I’ve ever undertaken. Its called Stories From The Shack

In just a little over thirty days Jim Henderson Presents, is partnering with Gary Clayton Entertainment and James L Rubart to present Stories From The Shack .The Show celebrates over 100,000 stories people have sent Paul Young after reading The Shack, stories of profound loss, pain, forgiveness and hope.

Like this…
“I have just finished reading The Shack and am still welling with the emotion of it. Your book touched something very foundational in me ­ something I cannot language to explain. I have no belief in God. I have no sense of God’s love or presence but I want to. So much of what is in your book resonated deep in my soul. You painted a picture of love and acceptance that you labeled God. I crave the love and acceptance, but know not how to find it.

And this…

“I just wanted to say that your book is amazing and that I found myself crying at many times during it. My dad died when I was 9. I was depressed and mad at God. I felt God had betrayed me, but when I read your book my whole perspective changed. Your book showed me that God never left me in the midst of my “Great Sadness”, instead he was there with open arms. I am trying to start a book club of “the Shack” because I can’t just keep this amazing book and my emotions that go with it to myself. I am always the quiet one, who never really shows his faith, and never shouts for God. But you’re book changed that. Many people at my school are beginning to purchase or read the book.”

Stories From The Shack highlights several stories like these to tell The Story of The Shack. But what’s really exciting is how we tell these stories. I call it Interactive Spectacle Art

Stories From The Shack is not a film, play, author reading or conference. It’s a combination of elements normally associated with Cirque Du Soleil and Charlie Rose like interviews – which is why I call it Interactive Spectacle Art.We’ve recently discovered that our show is part of a new emerging genre of live staged events. Imagine if in the middle of a Cirque performance you could interact with the performers and “eavesdrop” on conversations between the creators and actors. That’s the kind of creativity you’ll experience at Stories From The Shack. I think of it as Style meets Substance.

What’s really cool is you can bring the whole family. Kids over the age of ten will love it. They will be “wowed” by the aerial artistry (yes people flying around overhead), expressive dance, awesome music and spectacular stage sets. And did I mention Danny Gokey of American Idol fame? Danny will not only perform several times he will also share how The Shack helped him through the painful loss of his wife.

We will be taking this show to four cities in May and June. Opening night is May 8th in Seattle on (It’s Mothers Day so Bring your Mom/Wife) at The WAMU Theater at Quest Field.

If you have enjoyed anything I’ve done or feel like you want to support me I need you to do 4 things for me right now.

1) Facebook and Tweet this link to your friends and fans
2) Buy a ticket for yourself (and your mother or wife) and come to the show in Seattle
3) If you don’t live in Seattle buy a ticket to one of the other shows on the tour
4) After you have done that please donate to our Kickstarter campaign so we have gas to get to the other three cities on the tour

Andy Himes Missionary To Evangelicals

Andy Himes has lived the history of fundamentalism first hand. His Grand Father, John R Rice is credited with being one of the founders of the movement and was mentor to Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham (until Billy went all liberal). Andy is not a Christian but he certainly understands the fundamentals of following Jesus and in his new book The Sword of The Lord boldly calls Christians to return to those fundamentals. If you want a first hand look at the roots of fundamentalism and it’s profound effect on evangelicalism you need to read The Sword of The Lord.