Women ARE the Backbone of The Church, Here’s the Numbers

George Barna refers to as the backbone of the church. (p. xvi). According to Barna, between 1991 and 2011:

  1. Adult women attending church during any week has declined by 20%.
  2. Women attending Sunday School has plummeted by 29%.
  3. The percentage of women who are characterized as “unchurched” has risen by 94% during this period.
  4. More than a third of all women are now unconnected from the church.
  5. Most weekly church attenders are women (53%) – and they bring their families.
  6. Most church volunteers are women (57%).
  7. Women are the majority in terms of attendance of adult Sunday school programs (59%).
  8. 60% of those who attend small groups or Bible study are women.
  9. The typical Christian in America is a woman age 56-59 (a.k.a.  a dying breed)