What would you pay to prevent losing your child?

We all have skeletons in our closets. Our families are messed up, our past chases us and bad financial decisions haunt us.

We don’t want our dirty laundry aired but sometimes for the sake of others it has to be.This is one of those times.

Ken and Kelly Bean have loved and served Jesus for decades – not as professionals, as volunteers. They have a group that’s met consistently in their home for over 20 years. Kelly has led a national group of women in ministry for 10 years. ?Their real estate business has paid the bills so they could do the ministry. It is no secret what the economic downturn has done to the real estate market.

One of their daughters had a baby and named him Gabe. That was five years and many problems ago. Gabe spent most of his first five years with Ken and Kelly. Gabe’s mom (Ken and Kelly’s daughter) has tried hard but has been unable to care for Gabe. To Gabe Ken and Kelly are like parents and to them he is more like their own child than their grandson.

Although their daughter has been unable to care for Gabe she would like to assign her parental rights to Ken and Kelly to provide them at least some legal recourse to visitation rights with Gabe.

Recently however, the biological dad decided to exercise his parental rights and was able to take Gabe, cutting off most communication with Ken and Kelly and leaving Gabe wondering where they went.

Gabe’s dad is now intent on seeing that Ken and Kelly have very limited time with Gabe and he wants to litigate.Thus court costs – lawyers etc.

Ken and Kelly need $10K fast to cover legal fees and a social worker’s clinical evaluation. Without legal action, Gabe loses the family life he has always known and Ken and Kelly lose the assurance of being involved in Gabe’s life as he grows up.

What if this was your grandson, son, daughter or niece?

Barb and I are committing $250 to Gabe’s Fund

We’re asking you to donate whatever you can today–whether that’s $5 or $500.

Let’s rally around Kelly and Ken at this important time.   Donate Here