Sucks To Be a Working Woman in Seattle

Looks like perception isn’t reality after all, at not least for working women in Seattle.

Turns out that in this bastion of egalitarianism, women still work harder for the money than their male counterparts.

Seattle is an NPR listening, climate change believing, Volvo driving, tofu eating, yoga worshiping, gay loving, marijuana smoking, hedonistic, un-churched and clearly God forsaken, city. If Mark Driscoll’s growing mega cult wasn’t located here we would’ve most certainly been swept up in a tsunami of God’s righteous judgment by now.

We are Liberal with a capital L!

Which makes the news showing Seattle’s gender pay gap to be the worst of the nations’ top 50 metropolitan areas, even more shocking. Check this out – for every $1 a Seattle man is paid, a Seattle woman makes .73 cents (national gender pay gap average is .77 cents)

Upon reading this report, Seattles’ (bike riding to work) Mayor Mike McGinn inquired how women hired by the City of Seattle we’re faring and discovered that in his proud feminist rights loving city …

  • 36 female assistant city attorneys were paid nearly 11% less than their 28 male counterparts
  • There is just one woman out of 18 captains on the Seattle police force
  • Women in the officials/admin category at City Light are paid $7.10 an hour less than men

I wrote The Resignation of Eve to expose this particular form of hypocrisy in the church that has the chutzpah to name itself after the most radical advocate of womens’ rights in history, the God/Man Jesus. However, during my research on the church I also uncovered similar patterns in groups that while correctly ridiculing the church failed to own their own duplicity regarding the treatment of women, beloved institutions like education where male scientists are provided more lucrative research grants than women, politics, business and entertainment where women are richly rewarded for agreeing to parade their bodies in front of a camera but God help them (financially) if they try and get behind the camera and “call the shots”.

It turns out that systems that criticize each others’ values, doctrines and policies have one  thing in common. When it comes to power – they’re equal opportunity hoarders.

Lets stop hiding behind the bible, legalities, principles and policies. Lets call it what it is. Men do not want to lose power. They do not want to give it away. My advice to women – don’t ask for power, take it. Only a few of the guys are going to share power willingly, partner with them. The rest? Step over, around or if necessary, on them. Don’t Lean In, Lean On.

We need more women to lead and we need more men to learn how to think the way women think (which BTW is what women have had to do with man-think for eons) Then the world will be a safer, friendlier and certainly a more interesting place.

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