So You Are A Writer?

You have a story to tell, a message to communicate.

Do you want anyone else to know you exist?

Not all artists care- some die and leave the royalties to their relatives

If however you prefer that people read your ideas or hear your questions while you’re alive then you’ll have to go public

Step one is meeting others who have successfully gone before you

Imagine be able to ask William Paul Young author of the international bestseller The Shack about the pros and cons of self publishing vs traditional publishing.

What if you could grab a few minutes with Ken Blanchard author of the cross generational persistently popular One Minute Manager and Raving Fans how he has sustained his writing career over decades

How has George Barna been able to produce over 40 books? How does he approach writing? Is it all inspiration? What if you could have a few minutes to ask him a question like that? What would it mean to you.

I’m personally looking forward to finally getting to meet Mary Demuth who has represented several of my friends in their negotiations with publishers and who wrote The 11 Secrets of Getting Published.

Sometimes good things happen to bad people, which is the only way I can explain being invited to present alongside these men (and women) at The Rewrite Conference in San Diego on Sept 21-23

Here’s the cool part – I associate those names with something like The Willow Creek Leadership Summit. I imagine 2000 – 3000 people (or more) Forget about face time with any of those famous peeps. I’m just a face in the crowd. Just walking forward to try and talk with them scares me.

Re Write turns that upside down. They have capped attendance not at 2000-3000 but 200- 300 which means those who attend can walk right up and ask Barna, Kinnaman, Blanchard or Young a question and grab a few minutes with these incredibly successful writers, thinkers and influencers.

If you are serious about wanting to kick start your writing career. If you are ready to learn how to “go public” and if you committed to making an investment in yourself – then be one of the lucky 300 people who will get face time with some of this generations most interesting and successful writers.

Reserve your place here

Read about some others who will be presenting.

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