Save Me!

Get Ready For Religious Reality TV

Deadline for Submission extended.

Are you passionate about your beliefs?

Do you sincerely want others to come to your beliefs as well?  If so, we invite you to apply for a different kind of reality television show.

Jim Henderson Presents is developing a show called “Save Me!” that will bring people with a wide variety of religious beliefs such as fundamentalist Christians, Campus Crusade for Christ, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, militant Atheists, end of world “warners” and Hare Krishna practitioners, etc. together in one house.

We want true believers who will go to any length to spread their message, whether that’s saving people from hell, warning people about the end of the world or simply “saving” people from religion altogether.

Actors need not apply! We want real practitioners — people who are willing and able to spend several weeks living in close quarters with others for no pay while spreading a personal faith message to millions of people.

Contestants will play for the opportunity to have their message heard and possibly win converts, as well as the chance to win a significant cash prize that will be donated to the cause or organization of the winner’s choice.

Jim Henderson Presents thinks that spirituality and religion should be thoughtfully and playfully explored just like race, money, politics, and sex. But someone needs to provoke and guide this public conversation. It is not currently taking place in any venue or vehicle that is taken seriously by a broader audience.

Let’s change this.

Let’s start with Save Me!

Watch our video below to learn more about Save Me! or simply begin the application process.

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