Step 1

The Audition Process

If you are excited by this opportunity and you want to audition, read on.  Deadline for submission is EXTENDED!   The producers wants to see MORE examples.

Not sure how to make the video? Here are a few samples of the kinds of responses we are receiving – click here.

There are two steps to the submission process.

Step 1:  Create and upload a YouTube video of yourself answering our questions. You will need to prepare a video of you responding to the questions contained in the SaveMe! Audition Questions  (right click to download and print).

Upload your video to YouTube. Save your video with this title: SaveMe!_JHP_2011 – and add these tags:  SaveMe! JHP.  Capture the link information. Remember to save this video as public.  You will need this link information to complete the admission form.

New to using YouTube?  Upload videos to YouTube, watch this video.  How to instructions:  YouTube1  and YouTube2.  

The point of the video is: we want to be able to see and hear you. Make the best video you can. Don’t worry about the production quality. Your computer webcam is good enough.

Step 2:  Application.   Click here when you are ready to submit your YouTube video and application.

Audition Tips

When preparing your video, here are the guidelines:

1.  The video is not to exceed 4 minutes.  Exceeding the time limit will remove you from consideration.

2.  Lighting – this is very important. Make sure your face is well lit.  Wear dark clothes. Make sure the room is quiet and lighting not too bright.

3.  Answer every question in the order detailed in the submission form. Think about what you want to say and mean what you say. Be specific and honest with your answers. We recommend that you write it down, practice it, and read it.

4.  Respond to our questions authentically. Hiding information because you think we can’t handle “the truth” will only serve to lower your chances of being selected. We want people who are willing to “stand up” and defend their faith no matter the cost.

5.  We aren’t interested in lukewarm followers, fake believers or “pew warmers.” We are looking for sincere, passionate people, not actors.

The Fine Print

Completing JHP’s audition process does not guarantee you a spot on the show. These auditions are designed to expose producers to the quality of potential contestants for Save Me! When the show is approved, your tape will be considered first. Submission of your video to Jim Henderson Presents constitutes permission for us to use it as needed for the promotion of this audition process.

 About Save Me!’s creator, Jim Henderson

Save Me!‘s creator and host, Jim Henderson was a pastor for 25 years and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree. He believes trying to convert others to our beliefs and ideas is a normal human practice. He comes to this project with first hand experience with religious conversion. More information about Jim can be found on here .


Click here when you are ready to submit your YouTube video application.

Deadline for submission extended.

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