Rob Bell Is Going to Hollywood

Rob Bell is going to Hollywood. He wants to expand the conversation about God and spirituality. My language for this is Taking Jesus Public. It’s not Christian TV, new age media, PBS or Tony Robbins walking on hot coals. This is God meets media.

Along with Rob Bell I intend to launch a new media movement. A movement, that breaks into the most influential institution in the world. That institution is not the church, politics, banking or education. The most powerful culture shaping institution in existence today is the world of entertainment.

Inside that institution resides a hunger for spiritual reality and a desire to connect with a Christian audience minus the schmaltz, character assassination and simplistic thinking.

Save Me, which is my initial foray into the world of entertainment, explores a common religious experience – saving each other. The majority of Americans have a strong emotional response associated with images of people trying to save them.

For example what feelings do the following images evoke inside your imagination? Billy Graham, Jimmy Swaggart, Mother Teresa, James Dobson, Robert Schuller, Rob Bell?

TV has made these images widely available and crafted a public perception of Christians and by extension Jesus Christ and TV can help us change that imagination.

Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

I’m pleased Rob is leading the way. I intend to follow in his footsteps.

5 thoughts on “Rob Bell Is Going to Hollywood

  1. I’m intrigued Jim. I’ve written for so many musicals throughout my life – what I consider great music to support and compliment the Christian message. What are some of your thoughts in regard to this pursuit?

  2. So after asking the questions, I move on to actually finding the answers to my question – at least in part within your website. Interesting, but what is your true hope in this?

  3. Troy

    My purpose in doing this is to Take Jesus Public. To recraft peoples imagination about who He is.

    Save Me itself is an attempt to look at the complexities and contradictions in the lives of religious/spiritual people. To make them human instead of a cartoon. To make them honest instead of self righteous.

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