Jim Henderson’s Bio

Jesus invited Jim to join his movement when Jim was a young adult; prior to that they had minimal contact. This proved to be a transformational moment for Jim.

Jim married Barbara (an ex nun) and raised three kids. They planted churches, tried to be missionaries, worked in a mega church and stay married for 40 years and counting. (Sometimes good things happen to bad people)

Although he tried hard (25 years) Jim was a failure as a pastor. He simply could not fill up a building on a Sunday morning at 11am. He finally retired from pastoring and began to devote all of his time to his hobby – amateur spiritual anthropologist.

One day on a lark, Jim “bought an atheists soul on Ebay”. Since Jim was too lazy to study apologetics he decided to learn how to “defend the space” instead of “defend the faith”. Jim became fascinated with the power of listening and around 2000 began to produce live events called Off The Map where he let people eavesdrop on his interviews with Non Christians and every kind of Outsider he could get on stage and convince to tell the truth. (He often just paid them)

This led to Jim writing a number of books such as Evangelism Without Additives, Jim and Casper Go to Church, The Outsider Interviews and The Resignation of Eve – how adams’ rib became the church’s backbone.

Jim holds a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox Television, This American Life with Ira Glass and numerous small gatherings of unknown people all over the world.

Jim launched his own production company Jim Henderson Presents (JHP) in 2010. Jim’s mission is to Take Jesus Public. He doesn’t understand why followers of Jesus have absented themselves from the broader public conversation that shapes spirituality and is currently dominated by well-known entertainer- spiritual salespeople such as Oprah/Chopra/Palin and Beck.