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Jeff has been an educator for 19 years.  He is currently teaching mathematics at Spring Street International School.  Jeff started Paideia Classical School in 2001 and has served as Issaquah School District’s mathematics instructional coach in the Microsoft Math Partnership from 2007-2010.

Jeff’s greatest joy comes in seeing groups come together and learn from each other.  Building on his Master’s degree from Chapman University in Curriculum and Instruction, Jeff became interested in how organizations can grow and refine themselves through conversational containers.  Through his graduate work in Organizational Systems and Renewal at Seattle University, Jeff met Jim Henderson who became his field advisor.

Together, Jeff and Jim partnered with Tim Soerens of the Parish Collective team, creating Idea Parties – 1 to 2 hour structured conversations that give people access to expertise and their own personal experiences.  Jeff is also experimenting with interactive edutainment formats like Jim and Jeff’s production of Maps and Mirrors in Seattle in 2009.

Jeff is finding that his commitment to taking people public is best embodied in the Expanding Your Influence course being offered here through JHP.  Teaching remains Jeff’s core competency and EYI offers a unique and interactive venue for just that.

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  2. Hello, writing to you about the Outsiders Interviews Book. My son is in prison in Michigan his job is as clerk for the Chaplain at West Shoreline Correctional Facility, Muskegon MI where he came across your book. He has started talking to some of the guys there and wants to start doing this as soon as the Chaplain gets back from vacation. He was expressing an interest in getting some more of these books. Would that be possible they could be sent to the Chaplain and used to get this going. Thank-you for your faith and good work for His kingdom, Laura

  3. Laura

    I think I forgot to respond to this. Forgive me. Please send me your sons mailing address and I’ll get him some free copies of the book


  4. You helped me several years back when my church was looking for a pastor. I swore I’d never do another search. Here I am again. Cedar Ridge helped re-start an Old Baptist Church a dozen years ago. Had a great pastor for 9 years. We are so loose around the edges, we drove him to sign up with an Episcopalian Seminary program!!!
    So can we talk again? You know people everywhere and if I remembered your name, it must be for a reason.

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