Outsider Interviews – St. Charles – Sept. 29

You will probably notice a distinctly different voice in this post. Not to confuse you, but this is Elaine Hansen writing, not Jim.

Jim will be in St. Charles from September 29-October 1 at the Q Place Vital 2011 Conference. Jim is going to be conducting his “famous” (my words, not Jim’s) Outsider Interviews.

Why am I posting this?

#1 – Jim travels a lot. He is not very good about announcing this information. I want people to know when he is visiting their city. He is a great conversationalist, which translates – he is really a good listener and interviewer. Good listeners are hard to come by. If you’ve not been present for Jim’s interviews, you are in for a treat and I hope, a shift in your perceptions…maybe more. Jim provides “sacred space” for Outsiders to share their stories. And when you hear someone’s personal story, whatever your preconceived beliefs are about “those” people, something has to shift.

#2 – It’s all about me. I’m recruiting Outsiders and I need your help to get the word out. Do you know any Chicago people who would describe themselves as non-Christians (atheists, spiritual, or ?), kinda Christians, or former Christians who might want share their stories?

Step 1: Here’s a link to the Craigslist ad  to explain the process.
Step 2: Here’s a link for our Outsider Application.
Step 3: Send your completed application to me at saveme(at)jimhendersonpresents.com
Step 3: And here is one of many past Outsider Interviews conducted by Jim:

Feel free to share this invitation with your friends – post it on your facebook page.

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