4 thoughts on “My First Interview with Three Lost People

  1. Hi Jim, I found you through your involvement with the campaign for Hillsong Church to uninvited Mark Driscoll from interviewed at Hillsong Conference. I have put these issues on my Facebook page and are copping it by those who accuse me of being judgemental and lacking in grace. Brian Houston has taken him off the program but his public statement basically blames Christians who lack grace and forgiveness. I live in Australia. I have my own story about hurtful Church leaders and so I am very conscious about those who are spiritually abused by people like Driscoll. Has he really repented? If not then why are his public comments of repentance unconvincing. I would like to know your thoughts.

  2. Driscoll has not repented by any reasonable use of the word. Houston was protecting one of his own and would have continued ignoring the voice of the victims had the story not made the national media and politicians threatened to get involved. At that point it was only a matter of time before self interest replaced a public show of compassion by Houston. I suggest you “friend” Benjamin Wheeler on face book – He led this campaign in Australia and lives there.

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