It’s Painful To Watch Piper

In the same way the religious right “used” abortion and homosexuality to politicize Christians. Piper and Driscoll use sex to promote their muscle bound god. This has nothing to do with theology and everything to do with power. While these men desperately cling to might makes right the world shifts inexorably toward right makes might. Religious leaders like Piper and Driscoll hide behind theology the way bankers hide their money and politicians hide their motives. It’s painful to watch

5 thoughts on “It’s Painful To Watch Piper

  1. I’ve had good friends in the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which fuels much of the recent flavor of patriarchy, and they are impossible to reason with. They have their one version of how the world works and everything else is going to be made to fit that version. With Karl Marx all social questions eventually could be reduced to economics. With the CBMW it all comes down to gender. It’s reductionist to a crazy degree.

  2. Get over yourself asshole! Be for something please. I’m sick of Christians bitching about other Christians all the time. Why don’t you just go out an make a difference and BE FOR SOMETHING….be for Jesus. If you don’t agree w/Piper or Driscoll….don’t listen….and do something you believe is right and what Jesus wants.

  3. “I’m sick of christians …” Then why would you spend time on a Christian website? It is entirely possible to be for something and at the same time against something else. “Shut up,” what are you for, exactly? And, what kind of name is “shut up?” I thought names (like Benjamin Ady or Doug Baker or Rob Tennant” were required to leave a post. What’s your name, and what are you for, you who complain about people complaining?

  4. There is a Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood? Really? I was once told there was a Society for the Preservation of Conestoga Wagons, but that turned out to be made up, and I was so disappointed. Now someone needs to help me understand what Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is. I had always thought the Taliban was trending in that direction, except with automatic weapons. Since the Bible didn’t have automatic weaponry or any kinds of guns I believe those folks are misguided. So maybe Biblical Manhood and Womanhood doesn’t mean living as one did 2,000 years ago? If it doesn’t, then this group needs a new name that represents its goals/mission/objectives more clearly.

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