It’s Official – I’m a Failure

I have been invited to speak at the first ever Fail Conference near Philadelphia, April 14-16

Actually, I sort of invited myself. After seeing Jason and JR’s announcement I contacted them and told them I was jealous and offered to do whatever they needed.

After hearing what a huge failure I had been as a pastor they immediately extended an invitation to speak. Apparently I know alot about this topic and they probably felt sorry for me.

I will be giving one of my favorite talks – Why Jesus Spent His First 30 Years Doing Nothing

While this event acknowledges the reality failure, it doesn’t pretend to seek it out. None of us want to fail but it nonetheless happens to all of us.

Until we embrace, engage and interact with failure we wont know what success looks like. It will always be something that happens to “them”

Please help spread the word about this truly unique event. Lets make it a big success for JR and Jason 😉

PS – I heard that Andy Crouch will be speaking as well, it’ll be interesting to hear about his failures

5 thoughts on “It’s Official – I’m a Failure

  1. Thanks for the reminder of why we hang out. Wish I could go. I would feel at home. Passing it on to friends on the east coast.

  2. Jim— I’m predicting, based on a couple of years of conversation, you are destined to turn failure into a giant success. Philly is a long way, so I hope they video tape or webscast you. — Al

  3. I love the Ideo mantra: “Fail often to succeed sooner.” We need more of that kind of thinking (and action) in church planting.

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