Is Chuck Colson Relevant

I admire his conversion to Christ and his sacrificial work with prisoners. But does that make his ideas relevant.

James Davison Hunter thinks not. In To Change The World he says “ Cultures are profoundly resistant to intentional change… The idea suggested by James Dobson (and Colson) that “in one generation, you change the whole culture” is nothing short of ludicrous … the most profound changes in culture typically take place over the course of multiple generations.”

3 thoughts on “Is Chuck Colson Relevant

  1. ” Army ” and ” centurions ” that really captures the imagination. Colson’s mentality of ” circling the wagons ” to fight the good fight and win the day might have worked in the world of black and white…but not in the diverse matrix of a wired global village. He really needs to check his ” best before ” date…it really is expired, and stale.

  2. Ooo, I have not seen this but I just bookmarked it to watch later. I repsect Greg Boyd very much… We attended the church where he preaches for several years, and we really miss it (still!) Shane Claiborne looks like my brother, which makes me like him immediately!

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