If You Want to Get Heard…

It’s apparent that if you want to get heard you first have to get a hearing. If you want people to care about your idea, you first have to motivate them to pay attention to your idea.

How to get people to pay attention?

1. Talk about an issue that matters to them. Do the strategic work of positioning your idea inside their story. Don’t ask them to sacrifice their attention on your idea. Do the work of understanding them before asking them to understand you.

2. Show them your idea in their Book. Each people group has a “book” they refer to – a sales bible, mechanics bible, marketing bible, parenting bible, The Bible, The Quran etc. This demonstrates that you take them seriously, establishes mastery and credibility.

3. Express your idea through compelling people. “At the center of every compelling story is a human being”. Provide a platform for people who practice what you’re preaching. Do your preaching through other people.

5 thoughts on “If You Want to Get Heard…

  1. Worth the price of admission. You’re spot on. Approaching people to sell them something makes them feel like prey being stalked. The mission is to help them by giving them something – understanding of situation, solution to problem, etc. – the reciprocal gift from them is giving you something. The key to this not being manipulation is to really want to be helpful to them and being OK if there’s not a reciprocal gift…yet. -e.

  2. Thanks – everything I know I learned from trying to be a missionary and failing at it.

  3. BTW – great book read over holidays that sheds much light on this important practice is “Quiet – being an introvert in a world that wont stop talking” Anyone who leads an organization needs to read this

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