10 thoughts on “I Have Been A Critic of Ted Haggard

  1. The Church doesn’t know how to restore pastors for sure. The Church doesn’t know how to “help” gay men. The Church needs to wake up.

  2. hmmm….by his examples, it sounds like “restoration” for him implies getting his job back. Is biblical restoration about relationship or position/power? And where is the place for discipline? Yes, he should be restored relationally to the church if he hasn’t, but I’m not sure about to a position of spiritual authority. I worry that in this video he’s implying an entitlement to be restored to that type of position.

  3. Wow!… This is soooo true!… @Greg: Yes I believe Ted is talking about getting his ‘position’ as a pastor & spriitual leader back, not because he ‘wants’ or even ‘needs’ the position, but becuause it IS the ‘calling of God’ on his life… It seems the ‘church’ is fine with people who have a ‘great testimony’ for doing all kinds of ‘sins’ prior to ‘coming to Christ’, but boy fail after becmoing a ‘christian’ & you ‘can be restored relationally’ but the church will never trust you again… Ted is right, the ‘world’ has it right, the ‘church’ doesn’t have a clue how to do what we say we are equiped & supposed to be doing!… God bless Ted & the ministry he is doing, being restored ‘spiritually, relationally & positionally’ himself & giving the same to those God brings to be healed too!..

  4. I don’t think he gets it. He likens himself to Michael Vick and Martha Stewart. The difference is that he set himself up as a moral authority and judged other people until his sins, that he tried so hard to cover up, were brought to light. He also thinks forgiveness means ‘no consequences.’ Michael Vick and Martha Stewart spent time in prison, the consequences of their actions. Loss of position is a reasonable consequence for that level of hypocrisy. Although I think I can forgive Michael Vick, I’d never let him alone with my dogs. I think I can forgive Ted Haggard, but I wouldn’t accept his leadership. Consequences.

  5. Perhaps the difference between the church and K-Mart, the NFL et. al. is that these other organizations are perhaps more willing to recognize the extent to which they enabled/abetted the “bad” behaviors. No one ever talks about organizational change for a church whose pastor was part of a scandal. As if it the pastor were somehow NOT part of a larger system. Pickles don’t magically appear out of jars full of sweet cucumbers.

  6. When will the church stop trying to pray the gay away and fix those people as they call them.
    It’s time for the church to restore love and loving their neighbor as their # 1 priority.
    I’m sick and tired of most churches and the ideology they teach. It’s not what I learned from the gospel.
    Would you trust someone who said Homosexuality is ruining our country at the same time he is participating in the act. Forgiveness yes giving back his position NO WAY!

  7. “The church doesn’t believe the bible, they market the bible…” Chew on that one for a while. I think he has a message here worth listening to.

  8. You know, I would have been the first in line to criticize Ted Haggard, but also the first to defend. Yes, he was hypocritical, but it was a result of the system he was in. I mean, we created this and he felt forced to live in it.

    We build these big edifices where we think we should live, but then have to back off and realize that we’re all human and that we need some space. I don’t know, I’m sure there will be many to call me non-Christian, but I guess I’m with you, Jim. We need to love and tolerate each other.

    So Ted, if you happen to read this, do know that there is at least one person who identifies with you. I don’t condone your behavior, but mine has been just as bad or worse in other ways. So I don’t condemn!

    No, I’m not gay, but I do grieve for those Christians who are and who can’t reconcile the “church’s” position on things. And I’m not saying you are, of course. That’s between you and God. And quite frankly, no one else’s business. So I love and pray for you for the best. I have good friends who are both gay and transgendered so I do support them fully. But I’m sure I’ll get crap for posting this, but I don’t really care :)))

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