How to Practice Expanding Your Influence

We all know people who are celebrities to us and and unknown to others. Stacy Peralta is huge stuff to people who grew up Skateboarding. He was one of the original Dog town Boys out of Venice Beach California. Stacy now directs commercial video productions. I happened to be working for a few days on the catering crew for this “shoot” (my son owns Skillet Street Food) and the head cook Nick Castleberry realized that Stacy Peralta was eating his food. Nick was seriously star struck. It was fun to watch Nick (who is something of a local legend himself) go gaga over Stacy who was a complete unknown to me. I decided to expand my influence by “practicing the practices”. Here’s a step by step account of how I exploited this opportunity

  1. I “overheard“ Nick – I listened as he went into detail about how Stacy had influenced him and saw the obvious joy Nick experienced in the memory  (Be Unusually Interested In Others)
  1. I personally approached Stacy with this question “hey my cook would kill for a photo with you” His response? A brief look of surprise to assess my veracity followed up with “Sure” (Always Ask)
  1. The next day I assigned myself the task of getting this done. When he wandered near the food table I approached him and asked  “Stacy do you have time for that photo” And with that he slipped on his sunglasses, slipped into his “third person” (ask me about this later) and slipped into the kitchen next to Nick for this pre planned and well produced photo (that I took) and then immediately posted on Facebook for Nick (Ship

My Payoff? –The smile on Nick’s face (plus he invited me to hangout sometime in the future) which I think is cool because in my little world Nick is a much bigger and more accessible celebrity than Stacy (not that there’s anything wrong with skateboardingJ)  (Obsessively Introduce People)

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