Hollywood and Church – Its About Power for Both of Them

In The Resignation of Eve I say that the scriptural arguments regarding women not leading in the church are a diversionary tactic of Satan. The reason I know this is because when it comes to blocking women from reaching the highest levels of influence in the church (that without their energies and support would cease to function) the church and hollywood are in a neck and neck race to the bottom.

When it comes to power,the church continues to conform itself to the ways of this world, the evil Satanic systems that provide power for the elite and only grudgingly dole it out to the people lower down the food chain, which would of course include women.

The same system they ridicule the loudest they adhere to the closest.

The numbers don’t lie. People can have their opinions about the bible this and the bible that but when two systems as antithetical to each other as Hollywood and the Church line up in lock step regarding the degree to which women are “given” power, you know its not about what a book says, no it’s more primal than that. Its’ about one thing – power – those who have it don’t want to give it to those who don’t.

I think the founder of our movement suggested a different relationship with power. I think the church needs to take the log out of its own eye regarding women before it presumes to tell Hollywood to stop putting naked women on camera. That might actually be God’s way of prophetically provoking his people to get their own house in order first.

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