Help Me Save Casper

Our new book Saving Casper comes out on October 1st. Instead of the standard “Book Release” party where we guilt our friends to show up and buy a book we thought it would be more fun to do a show. We’re both musicians so we love shows. We’re ready to tell our story if you’re ready to bring an audience.

Casper and I have …

  • Written two books together
  • Spoken to thousands of people
  • Been friends for five years


I’ve failed to save Casper (and I’m a professional Christian)

According to the evangelism books, I should’ve gotten him saved by now

But reality is …

I’ve failed to Save Casper (and I have a Doctorate in Ministry)

Maybe you can save him!

Bring the “Help Me Save Casper” Show to your town

Jim and Casper appear live on a stage. A fast, fun show that’s sure to change you

Learn how to…

  • Stop scaring people and start caring 
  • Count conversations not conversions
  • Stay in the room with difference

Who Wants to Help Me Save Casper?

Dates are limited (seriously, we both have day jobs 🙂

Contact me:






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