Getting Noticed is Hard Work

My attempts to recruit people to audition for Save Me is going slow. (Go here to see a few of the responses.)  I assume its one of two things

1. Not enough people are “seeing” this opportunity

2. People don’t trust me

The first has to do with what is called discoverability – meaning getting people aware of your project. Turns out simply posting it on the web isn’t enough. There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs and attention going on. And while there are probably 3 people who think I’m famous, there are 3 billion who know I’m not

The second has to do with clout. I have come to believe that it really isn’t who you know or who knows you. What really matters is who trusts you. Trust is a weird thing. You can’t force it, fake it or hire it. People only give it. Since the closest thing Christians can imagine when I say I want to do a show called Save Me is something that makes fun of Christians – their first response is to think of it as negative and me as sneaky.

Regardless I need more people to audition. So if you do trust me, send this link to people who are passionate about convincing others to join their religion.

2 thoughts on “Getting Noticed is Hard Work

  1. I posted the info on my FB page a while back. While initially the idea made me chuckle, the more I think about the premise of this thing, the more that I don’t see the value in it…I wonder if it might simply be a hate-fest waiting to happen? Even if your point in doing it is to show that the way we ‘do religion’ (compete for followers) is terrible and looks like THIS, I just don’t know if people will really get that. Maybe this is why there aren’t too many responses? I truly intend this to be constructive and not to dis your idea. I’m just sharing some thoughts…Set me straight on it if I am totally missing something… THANKS!

  2. There–I’ve just posted the link to three friends I think would be brilliant on the show, along with a ringing endorsement of Jim Henderson as a trustworthy guy. =). So hope to see episodes of this show in the future–with you as one of the people making it happen, it’s bound to be pretty damn awesome =).

    I know you’re not famous. I just think you should be =).

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