Funding The Reframe of Jesus

” In 2004 the Ford, Hewlett, Annenberg and MacArthur Foundations gave a combined total of over $200 Million to arts and culture (while) the largest Catholic and Evangelical foundations gave just under $11 Million to the arts and culture.” From: To Change The World


This is telling because it is the artists,entertainers and cultural producers like Oprah,Chopra, Palin and Beck who most influence the broader cultural conversation about  “spirituality” and get to frame the image of Christianity. Artists are the ones who effect the myth and language.


The only cultural institution currently seen as influential by evangelicals is politics. If the mean spirited polarization that is by now commonplace is the result of this investment it seems easy to hear The Spirit saying “get out”. It is turning us into mean people that the wider culture see as self serving and against everything. In spite of the creative ways thousands of followers of Jesus are serving others – that story is for the most part buried under the headline of Anti Gay and Anti Abortion



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