Female Rock Stars For Jesus Cant Get No Respect

1) How many of Billboard‘s top ten Christian artists of the past decade were female?

2) How many of the top ten Christian songs of the past decade were performed by females?

Remarkably, the answer to both questions is zero

Even more astonishing

Out of a full ten years of songs, a decade of tumult and change with artists and trends coming and going, 48 of the top 50 Christian songs (96 percent) were performed by males.

Being a musician myself ,I understand that there are a lot of bad female (and male) Christian singers (and I do mean a lot) but are you telling me that male Christian singers are 96% better than women Christian singers? If you believe that, I have a piece of property in the desert I’d like to sell you. Someone is cooking the books and what’s worse, they’ve managed to get the women to go along with it.

[1] Christianity Today CCM (find link)

4 thoughts on “Female Rock Stars For Jesus Cant Get No Respect

  1. Aren’t the people buying the same ones who think women shouldn’t preach, teach, or otherwise open their mouths in church? Guess we shouldn’t sing either….

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