Everything Happens in Our Heads

Don’t underestimate imagination. By doing so you close the door to Blue Ocean ideas – new ways of thinking about business and life. When we over explain our ideas we remove mystery and wonder. We rob the audience or our customer of the freedom to create with their own imagination. When we “spell out” every detail we telegraph our lack of confidence in the customers ability to make their own meaning out of our art, idea, song or software.

The creators of War Horse the play demonstrate radical confidence in their audience’s ability to ignore the obvious even when it’s staring them in the face.

Kind of like what we do when we sit in an aluminum tube 35,000 feet in the air hurtling forward at 500 mph while we stare out the window and imagine the clouds slowly drifting by. And just like the audience attending War Horse we pay for the privilege!

War Horse draws their customers into their own imaginative world. What’s fascinating is that the audience is moved in spite of the transparently mechanical devices being used to create the effect.

Never work harder than your customer.

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