Every Day With Jesus is not Always Sweeter Than The Day Before

I thought that trusting God meant that bad things don’t happen to good people. I thought that Jesus was supposed to answer every prayer. It’s no wonder that people who have no “faith” question the reality of God. Where is the God who’s supposed to be running this world? Can you say Somalia? Boston Marathon? 9/11? If God is alive, active and real why would he or she for that matter allow such random and horrible acts of violence? Why should innocent children in Africa go hungry tonight when my biggest struggle is to choose between a Venti or a Grande Mocha? And why do I have to know about it? It seems like in the “old days” people didn’t have to feel bad about their choices but now thanks to Google, I’ve lost my freedom to not know.

We all share this common human experience. When the loss gets to be too much, too unfair, too confusing, we all ask the same question – Where’s God When…

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