Driscoll Throws Jesus Under Bus

It’s hard (but entertaining) to watch addicts go down.

Yes in my opinion Driscoll’s presenting problem is not theology, ecclesiology or even the lowest hanging fruit of all… misogyny. Driscoll’s core problem is that he’s an untreated addict. His mix seems to be a cocktail of sex, religion and narcissism. He acts like a little kid who grew up poor and swore to never go back to that lifestyle (which might explain The Million Dollar Home he hopes no helicopter locates). He carries himself and talks with the swagger only a gang leader could cultivate.

His sermon this past Sunday is an example. He actually threw Jesus under the bus in an attempt to find a way to beg for mercy since his standard theology (God Hates You) has little if any mercy available. He was scrambling so much that even his normal yes men elders decided to take matters into their own hands and delete 6 minutes of his live sermon lest Driscoll be caught teaching error (note to MHC elders – that cow left the barn years ago).

Thanks to the intrawebs you can read the deleted section here. It’s not really that big of a deal. Shoot, he almost made Jesus look normal.

Why now? He’s running out of room to hide. He’s scrambling. He’s having to make up new theologies to cover his patterns. Now it’s suddenly ok to make mistakes like gaming the New York Times best seller list. That’s not sin, that’s just a kid not knowing how to hit the ball correctly – you could almost hear him saying “give me a break you guys – I’m just a little kid” – This is very similar to the bargaining phase some people go through when facing death. Maybe Driscoll is hearing his end coming and wants to hold if off as long as possible.(Reminds one of Clinton) He’s nothing if not savvy and brazen. Guys like Driscoll are masters at bargaining.



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