Did You Know that Ira Glass is an Atheist

I’m an accidental friend of Atheists. A few years back I bought an Atheists soul on Ebay. It turned out to be one of the wisest investments I’ve ever made. Since then I’ve co authored two books, traveled together and started a business with another Atheist/close friend named Matt Casper. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how open Ira was about his Atheism.


2 thoughts on “Did You Know that Ira Glass is an Atheist

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  2. I’ve just been watching some of the clips on YouTube & they’re delightful. I’m a fan of “This American Life” & Ira’s warmth, empathy and curiosity have always set a wonderful tone for the show. And you’re right; when TAL touches on Christianity it often does it with….well, grace, for lack of a better word. Thanks for sharing this interview!

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