Did I Tell You I Started a New Religion?

I’m serious!

O, Im still ok being called a Christian even though Im convinced Jesus could never be one but like many Christians I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with having to explain myself every time I admit I am one.
Anyway,while I work on a better idea – I decided to start my own religion that anyone who is serious about loving people can join. It’s called Otherlyness and it has no beliefs and just 3 practices
Here they are
1. I will be unusually interested in others
2. I will “stay in the room” with difference
3. I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst
That’s it – if you do those three things or even try to do them you are by default a practitioner of Otherlyness and a member of my religion – even if you have no beliefs or beliefs that are different than mine – which brings me to the reason Im getting in touch with you.
About 2 years ago I got a phone call from a guy who wanted to see of I knew any evangelicals who would like to participate in helping to bring the Dalai Lama to Seattle. Being a practitioner of Otherlyness I said yes. That’s how I met another practitioner of Otherlyness named Andy Himes.
Andy has become a very good friend and I have become one of his biggest fans.
He has a fascinating history with Christianity although he would not call himself a Christian. He has had a front seat in the modern day development of Evangelicalism in America over the past 40 years. And not as an academic. His Grandfather was the “Dean” of Fundamentalism. His new book tells the story of growing up in the shadow of this man and how it impacted our history and Andy’s personal journey.
Andy is telling his story this Sunday at Town Hall in Downtown Seattle and I would love for you to meet me there to support him, learn from him and celebrate this incredible accomplishment. I’ll be at Town Hall on Sunday afternoon at 4:45 to hear my friend Andrew Himes speak on “The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family,” in connection with his new book, The Sword of the Lord. This should be a fascinating exploration of religion and spirituality, history and politics in America. Andrew comes from a long line of fundamentalist preachers, and he has a remarkable story to tell of his own life and spiritual journey.
Here’s what I want to know – Will you meet me in the lobby at Town Hall on Sunday at 4:45? Tickets are only $5.  We can sit together. Tickets are available at www.brownpapertickets.com, by calling 800-838-3006, or at the door on Sunday.
If you need a nudge – watch this short video of Andy called “A Black Man Walked into A Church”

5 thoughts on “Did I Tell You I Started a New Religion?

  1. While I will easily commit to Hendersonism (making me a Hendersonist, right?), I can’t join you at the Town Hall Sunday. I’d like to, mind you, but the commute from Reno would be spendy. Love you, bro.

  2. I wondered why everything cool is happening in Seattle, then I remembered, DOH, because that’s where Jim is!

  3. Randy – I think you might actually like Hedonism
    Doreen – How is your seminary experience coming along

  4. After 7.5 years, they finally kicked me out, LOL. I received an MDiv on May 9th at the National Cathedral. The weather was gorgeous, my parents were able to drive down from PA, Connie gave me a great party the day before, and I’m ready for the next step in my quest to become the first lesbian televangelist. What is the next step, you ask? To get my blog, “Religious Refuse,” up.

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