Design Matters More Than Ever

When architects draw building plans they work with limitations like bearing walls and local zoning laws. Similarly, people come to small groups with restrictions on their time, attention and energy that must be taken into consideration.

When interior designers look at a room they concern themselves with aesthetics – furniture, paint colors and window coverings. People come to small groups needing inspiration. They need to feel something that moves them to take action.

Design has everything to do with success. It’s how thought leaders, innovators and idea artists engage people’s imaginations.

People buy the Nike Swoosh long before they buy their Nike shoes. The logo connects them to a tradition of excellence even though the shoes aren’t that much better than other shoes.

People buy the Cadillac logo. The logo gives them status .The car is attached.

People buy the iPhone because it bears the white Apple. The image says they’re an early adopter. It actually makes them feel smart.

These images tell people them a story about themselves. The product that bears the image gives them something to do while they’re feeling excellent, cool or smart.

If we want to motivate people to do something (especially something new) we must access their imagination. Information and inspiration have their place but imagination is the heart of the will.

One thought on “Design Matters More Than Ever

  1. I would like to extend your conversation a bit further – into this article from Wired magazine:

    “But what people want today goes well beyond technology and design. They don’t just want four wheels and a means to steer, or to be surrounded by music and information wherever their eyes and ears may roam. What people are looking for now is a way to reconnect with their values: to ground how they can, will, and should live in the world.

    The innovation now needs to occur elsewhere. Outside the design. Into, quite frankly, the world of art.”

    The rest of their article is here:

    I would add that in my work with A Small Group – “space” matters. While I do my best to host gatherings in warm, welcoming spaces with natural light and nature near – the “art of space” is crafted with how we “hold the space”. The brands, logos, status – disappear when we open space for conversations that matter. Magic happens when I can “hold the space” well enough for us to have conversations and listen with respect about what matters most to each of us. Only then, can we move to action with intention and heart.

    Holding space for conversations that matter is an art that takes us beyond design.

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