Todd Hunter Talks Temptation at Our Favorite Sins Show – Nov 22

Fave Sins Event PicBishop Todd Hunter has held leadership roles in some of the most significant movements in Christianity’s past 40 years. The Jesus People, Calvary Chapel, leader of The Vineyard, leader of the Alpha movement, a founding leader of The Emergent movement and now a Bishop in the Anglican Church.

Todd is a an advisor to many pastors and denominational leaders. They trust him because he is loyal, wise and a committed churchman. Todd is also a breath of fresh air to non- Christian’s who are surprised by his authenticity, his winsome love for Jesus and for them.

Fortunately, Todd is also transparent about his own failures and wants to open up a conversation to help people get unstuck from the temptations that haunt them. His newest book Our Favorite Sins The Sins We Commit and How You Can Quit presents exclusive research from the Barna Group.

At Our Favorite Sins – Todd will speak about something that plagues all humans – temptation. Even non-believers feel bad when they succumb to temptation. For Christians, yielding to temptation is complicated by the sense that we’re not only letting ourselves and others down, we’re also letting God down.

At Our Favorite Sins – Todd will address 

  • How do you forgive yourself?
  • How do you stop yielding to temptation?
  • Why do some sins bother us more than others?
  • What have other people learned about temptation and how to quit?

At Our Favorite Sins – Other leaders will share the temptations they struggle with

  • The temptation to blame the victim (and blame ourselves)
  • The temptation of being certain (which is the opposite of believing)
  • The temptation of doing nothing (sins of omission are easy to hide)

• Friday Nov 22nd
• 7:30(ish)
• North Sound Church, Edmonds, WA
• Tickets $10 :
• Live jazz group starts playing 7:15 (get there early)

FREE GIFT: the first 75 to register receive a free copy of Todd’s book – Our Favorite Sins



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