Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Creativity isn’t your problem.

Your Problem?

  • Decision makers won’t respond to your emails or calls.
  • Agents won’t review your proposal.
  • Donors and investors won’t take a meeting with you.

I had the same experiences. I lacked the gift of being famous. I had to figure this stuff out on my own. Read more about Jim

That’s why Jeff Smith and I created Expand Your Influence

These powerful influence practices opened the doors that enabled me to

  • land five book contracts,
  • get on the front page of The Wall Street Journal,
  • be featured in USA Today and The Washington Post and
  • get interviewed on national radio shows like This American Life with Ira Glass.
  • generate over $100K in extra income

I’m now sharing these powerful practices with people who believe they have something important to share with a wider audience.


In session one you’ll create your map of influence and discover people who want to help

In session two, you’ll learn how to never leave a meeting without asking.

In session three, you’ll learn the skill of leading through curiosity.

In session four, you’ll learn how to sell yourself without selling your soul

In session five you’ll determine next steps necessary to reach your goals

Learn when you have time.
  • Video sessions that instruct you in all aspects of Expand Your Influence
  • Weekly assignments where you immediately put into practice what you just learned
  • A weekly Q&A call with myself, Jeff and other cohort members.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students
  • We teach. You practice. You move forward.
  • In 30 days you’ll acquire the skills you need to get a hearing.

Cost and Registration

Just $99 covers 4 instructional sessions, 5 live cohort groups and 4 homework assignments.

Become an Influencer in 30 days or your money back

Register here for EYI 2’s January session


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  2. Just got off the phone with Phil Wyman in Salem, Mass and wanted to connect with Jim, but Phil said to check your website, no email address or contact info…so how to contact you?

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