The Three Practice Group

Have a family member, friend or business associate you passionately disagree with about politics?
 Are you on the verge of “breaking up”?
 Wonder if there’s a way to cross that difference divide?
Maybe like Mike and his daughter Lily 
“The pizza they’ve ordered is half cheese and half meat-lovers, and that on its own says something about Lily Miller, a 17-year-old girl living in Waterloo, Iowa, and her 49-year-old father, Mike. She’s a vegetarian. He loves meat. She wanted Sen. Bernie Sanders to become the 45th president of the United States. He voted for Donald Trump. They can’t agree on anything — not a singular pizza topping, nor Lily’s political
future”  read more 
Imagine being able to express your opinion to your family member, co worker or business associate without being judged or insulted?
Imagine hearing your ideological opponent (they’re not your enemy) ask you this question, “Tell me more…”
Welcome to The Three Practice Group... where opinions and curiosity meet and decide not to break up
Why? Aren’t we all trying to grow up before we grow old?
Invite your ideological opponent to The Three Practice Group nearest you
Want to learn more about The Three Practices?  WATCH Jim Henderson’s  TEDx talk (12min)

Julia Child, Mapmaker

About 15 years ago Julia Child made a book signing appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio. A local journalist was curious as to why so many people were standing in line “waiting for Julia Child’s autograph”

When I read this article I was struck by one woman’s response “She explains what we’re seeing”

How can someone explain what you are already plainly looking at. I mean its just a recipe. Follow the instructions. You’re done. What is it that you’re looking at that requires more explanation? What could possibly be so mysterious about cooking:-)

Of course, having never actually cooked anything or read a recipe I wasn’t in a position to judge.

For the culinarily curious, Julia Child is a friendly guide into and through the challenging world of cooking.

She’s a mapmaker, someone who guides people to new experiences in their cooking life.

She devoted her life to cooking and made her living “explaining it ” to others.

She explored the world of food, made a map and gave it to others

Most people don’t like to explore but if you give them a map they might travel to new places in their thinking

Julia made maps for cooks.

Whose mapmaker are you?

Im Dying

Thats what you call a hook 🙂

But its true – we’re all dying – I just turned 70 which means Im closer to “actively” dying than many who are reading this.

Being 70 is my strategic advantage over those with 10 years to burn searching for the meaning of life:-) Ive found mine (sort of) which translated means I have 10 years to hustle to try turn my search for meaning into something real.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Im going to unfriend some people on Facebook.

Why? Because I don’t have time to supervise my Facebook friends. I will still maintain actual friendships with them in the real world but when they’re on Facebook they simply lack the curiosity I want to see, they aren’t as interested in “difference” as I am and they over react to other people- devolving sometimes into out and out name calling and abusive talk.

Which means, Im going to do some of my Facebook friends the favor of removing that option for them on my page. That way they wont have to say things in print they will later regret (how many times I’ve done that myself) and barring their urge to ask me to be a friend again (short answer is no not now) they will suffer no real humiliation or loss. It will be over in a cyber second.

You need to know that I consider my facebook page private property. Why anyone wanders into my space I have no idea but if you do you need to know this. I like people who are curious, ask great questions, are self deprecating, own their biases, admit what they don’t know faster than what they think they do know, are self disciplined, honest and did I mention – curious.

Last year about this time ( Thank you Trump) I unfriended 2300 out of 2500 Facebook friends. I got it down to 200 but due to the law of entropy somehow its grown past 300 again. I need to do some housecleaning.

Just wanted you to know.



A Millionaires March On Washington

James Murdoch one of the owners of hyper conservative Fox News just gave $1Million to the Anti Defamation League to protest Trumps equivocation around C’ville. Tim Cook the gay liberal CEO of Apple was inspired by Murdochs gesture and gave another million to the ADL for the same reason

Look, we don’t need a million people we need a few millionaires to descend on Washington ASAP.

And leading that group of elites ought to be the 5 living ex presidents and their wives.

These people have influence, money and access to a jet to get them there fast.

The 5 living ex presidents need to convene for a photo op on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Make sure that the cameras show Bush I being carried up in his wheel chair giving a thumbs up sign and his patented smile.

Obama with Michelle immediately to his left, should speak for the group. The four white guys and their wives should be arrayed behind them. (this is all about optics)

Distribution trumps ideas

Trump has a million mics and cameras trained on his every move and word.

These 5 ex presidents can get those same mics and cameras shifted to them if they will convene in one place for a few minutes.

Heres’ the speech they should give…

“Donald- you are the President but you don’t own The Presidency

The President is a role, The Presidency is an institution.

You don’t understand the difference which is why we were forced to show up today.

Donald, America is about more than you or any of us. Its about an ideal that we all strive for. We all failed in our attempts to do that as well.

But The Presidency survived our mistakes, We’re not confident it will survive yours

Which is why we were forced to show up today

When hundreds of young white men marched in C’ ville proclaiming “Jews Will Not Replace Us” and you remained silent – you crossed a line

When a young woman protesting these guys was run over and murdered by a Nazi and you said “there are good people on both sides” – you crossed a line.

The Presidency will not abide your silent assent.

Which is why we were forced to show up today”

Dear Ex President Millionaires – If you lead they will follow 

Here are the names of your fellow millionaire friends who will stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with you, if you ask.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Paul Allen, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, The Murdochs, Jane Fonda, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts, The Koch Brothers, George Soros, Lily Tomlin, Mitch Mc Connell, Cheryl Stanberg, Meg Whitman, Susan Sarandon, Bradgelina :-), Russel Wilson, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Brady, Paul Ryan, George Clooney, Jay Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Steve Spielberg, Meryl Streep and… etc etc

You get the idea.

Celebrities love being wth other celebrities. Think of the killer photo ops.

Think about all the money you could raise for ISNA,ADL and the NAACP 

Forget about getting a million people to DC. No need. They don’t have the power you do

Lets get a few of the right millionaires there and as they say the rest is history.