Americans Rapidly Losing Confidence in Church

In a recent Gallup Poll this is how many Americans said/say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the church or organized religion

1975   68%

2012   44%

What makes this 37 year drop in confidence even more fascinating is that it corresponds directly to the same era The Church’s confidence in itself was dramatically increasing. Over the past 37 years organized religion in America “went public” in terms of mega churches, media involvement, celebrity pastors, economic accumulation and last but certainly not least- politics.

One explanation might be is that all that happened is people saw The Church for what it actually is, a self serving, self promoting organization that uses religion to gain protection and security for itself.

Another explanation might be that The Church was seduced into using the worlds power to advance its’ cause. Politicians sidled up to religious leaders (this happens to be the time when The Moral Majority was launched), TV lured media hungry preachers and living a double life became an acceptable sin.

Do the math: if this trend continues within 30 years only a small majority of Americans will have any confidence at all in organized religion.

According to this same poll 12% of Americans think this trend is good – that organized religion is losing influence – I happen to count myself among that minority. The sooner the church gets out or more likely is kicked out of the religion business the sooner it will have to return to where it belongs – back in the Kingdom business and The Jesus Movement. I’ll be dead but my grandkids may get a glimpse


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